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Urgent Update

Urgent Update
The 24 hour comics day even has been moved from Saturday 24/Sunday 25 to Friday 23/Saturday 24. The 24 hour comics day at WSU will now be held on Friday 23/Saturday 24. It will begin sometime in the afternoon on Friday and will be in one of the downstairs classrooms in the McKnight buiding. We are currently seeking confirmation on the specific rooms.

We will probably end up scanning artwork in the computer lab on Saturday and compiling the commemorative publication using the scanned images.

We are still open to non-WSU students attending the 24 hour comics day event, but request that they RSVP ASAP so that we know they will be attending. We will need to have a faculty member in the building during the 24 hours if there are non-WSU students involved. More creators, and a chance to bug the faculty; sounds like a win-win situation to me.

In addition to sharing the building with the people from the Print Fair, we will also be sharing it with people from the ASMAT exhibit. Visit for more informaiton. The Friday reception costs $50 to attend, but there is a free lunch on Saturday.

There has been some crazy talk about going to the Ren Faire afterwards. I think it sounds fun, in a crazy kind of way. Anyone else interested?
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