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Meeting Preperation

It's Friday, so there is another SAG meeting coming up in a couple of hours. To my understanding, there are essentially three big items on the agenda; official recognition, the pulication, and 24 hour comics day. Mason will be bringing up to speed on the progress of recognition (almost complete). As the chief advocate of the 24 hour comics day, I guess that ends up in my territory.

24 Hour Comics Day
Latest news: I've been talking with Rob. It turns out that the Print Faire is going to be using the atreum on both Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th. Right now, we're going to see if we will have access to downstairs rooms. We may end up on the second floor, but it will hopefully still work either way.

Advertising: The biggest downside to not knowing where we're going to be is that it makes advertising a bit trickier. We want to get Ads out there so that people know about the event, but we can't put down place and time. This will lower attendance. I'm going to try to spin it, something along the lines of "Last minute planning for last minute comics; call xxx-xxxx for more information". Advertising locations would include across campus, Prairie Dog, Agents of Comics, and maybe art supply stores or other public venues.

Attendance: Right now I'm aiming for between 5 and 10 people showing up. This would include club members. Other sources of attendance possibly include my high school contacts, as well as various members of the community. There used to be a professor in the WSU SAD who was a cartoonist; I'm going to see if he'd be interested in making a cameo.
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